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First Down

Make Big Bucks every Sunday!

Imagine it's Sunday afternoon—the TVs on—the games about to start—your friends are over—everyone’s ready to gamble—and you can turn any flat surface into a football gaming table. How cool would that be?

Do you know which play is going to be called next? If you do, you can win big bucks! Place your wager; correctly predict which play is going to be next and each play and each drive becomes another chance to win! It's a great way to make Football Sunday better and the Big Game even bigger. With Big Bucks Football all the bets are covered, so no money goes to the house. All you need is the game on the TV, your Big Bucks gameboard and your friends. A few beers wouldn’t hurt either.

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Print for Free!

If you have access to a printer then you can play Big Bucks Football for free. The downloadable PDF is press ready for 24" x 36" and will print like a champ on any halfway decent printer, but your office inkjet will work just fine. It’s best if you can print at, at least 11” x 17”. If not, you can always play for nickels on an 8.5" x 11". I’ll tell you more about that later down the page.

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Buy it Online!

The free PDF comes in Big Bucks original American Football color scheme. If you’d like one that has your favorite college or professional team colors or just feel like supporting your fellow degenerate gambler, you can buy from our shop on Redbubble. They produce high quality professional prints and will ship directly to your home or anywhere in the world as a gift for your favorite football junkie.

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Second Down

Learn the Rules

You can't play the game if you don't know the rules. Download the rules or view them online by using the buttons below.

Big Bucks Football is a lot of fun, but disputes do arise from time to time. It's all part of the game. My friends and I prefer to use an RSS feed from one of our favorite sports sites to determine the plays. It works great for us, but how you and your friends decide is up to you.

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Third Down

Make Big Bucks

Big Buck did make an official currency because, well, why not. All you need is the ability to print a pdf and download the attached file.

Most people just use poker chips or dollars to play. However, I have a friend who plays Big Bucks Football for nickels with his kids. He loves getting to spend his Sunday watching football and having family time.

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Fourth Down

About Big Bucks Football

13 years ago, my friends and I were looking for a way to make our football party awesome. With a few (too many) beers and a little inspiration Big Bucks Football was born.

You can learn more about the game on our Board Game Geek page.

If you'd like to get in touch you can email Big Bucks Football at bigbucksfootball(at)gmail.com